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Electronic Drum kit #1

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Electronic Drum kit #1

0 ratings

What this drumkit is about
This drumkit is made by meticulously sampling one of my own Nord Drum synthesizer kits.

The Nord Drum is known for it's tremendous lifelike response to velocity and to capture that response, I've sampled each sound with 8 different velocity settings.

The Nord drum only has room for 6 sounds in a kit, so I've added 2 sounds to cater for the more widespread 8 sound layouts in most drumsamplers.

How to use
You can drop these samples (.wav files) in a sampler of your choice.

If you use Ableton Live, you're in luck, because I've also added a drumrack, so you can rock those drums right away in Live!

License: R o y a l t y f r e e

Price: Pay what you like.
That can be as much or as little as you like. Like as little as nothing. That's really little. It's less then little really, because there's nothing there...I digress (sorry, it happens).

Headsup about leaving your e-mail address
When you do like to have this for free, you'll be asked to enter your e-mail address. When doing so, you give me permission to send you updates to the e-mail address entered and add you to the CANVAX e-mail list.

No worries, it's all good. Promise not to spam and to send you updates about new sample packs and my music in general on a very irregular basis.

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A fantastic responsive sounding electronics drumkit made with love by me. Tips to fuel the coffee and cake fund are very much appreciated 🙂

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